10 Best Gift Ideas For Woodworkers

Need a Gift for a Woodworker?Hand tools

If you are not sure what to buy for your favorite woodworker or just want some fun gift ideas, then I am here to help. I have put together a list of gifts that any woodworker would be glad to receive.Included in this list are some name brands where I think it is necessary to keep a good gift from becoming a flop. They are in no particular order and the perfect for beginning or advanced  woodworkers. If you do the math there are probably more than ten.

Drill Bit Shapener

Drill Bit Sharpener:

Every woodworker or home do it yourselfer has a box filled with drill bits that are dull. They are still good, but dull. Even guys that love to sharpen their tools have dull drill bits. Fix this wrong in the world and save the drill bits. The Drill Doctor Drill Bit Sharpener is fast and works great, plus a lot of woodworkers don’t have one.


Clamps:Irwin Clamps

Woodworkers will tell you that they can never have too many clamps. While this is true, they can have too many bad clamps. Even if you just buy one pair of clamps, make them good ones. Irwin QuickGrips, Jorgenson or Bessey are excellent one-handed clamps and are great to have around the shop. I recommend the 12″ length. For flat panel glue-ups parallel clamps are the best and F-style clamps are also handy. I would stay away from pipe clamps.

FatMax Tape MeasureTape Measures:

I always used cheap tape measures or whatever was within easy reach until I used a Stanley FatMax. Now, I will walk past any other tape measure and to the other end of the shop or even out to my truck to get to the FatMax. That is saying something since my shop is 200 ft. long. They are accurate, durable and have a long reach.


V-Drill Guide Standard Size Portable Drilling Guide:

V-Drill Guide

The V-Drill Guide is like a portable drill press for precision alignment! V-grooved along the bottom of the guide allows for perpendicular alignment with all drill sizes on round edges and corners. The bottom surface is ground to assure stable and accurate perpendicular alignment on any type of flat surfaces.This Drill guide is sized for drill bit sizes of 1/8″ to 3/8″ in 1/64″ increments. These guides help you drill straight every time.




Punch and ChiselPunch & Chisel Sets:

The Chisel is one of the most versatile tools as it can be used on wood, stone and metal. The chisel is a tool with a specifically shaped cutting edge, and a handle which can be tapped with a hammer or mallet. A punch tool makes drilling and forming metal or wood more efficient. Choose a punch and die set with bolt sizes up to 3/4″. Pick up a scratch awl that can scribe metal, start screw holes, and punch and pierce metal or wood in a snap.


Combination Square:Combination Square

This is one of the key layout tools in my shop. For a gift, splurge and get a good one. An accurate combination square will be used on every project. Look for a cast iron tool as compared to aluminum. Starrett is the most coveted.


Utility knifeUtility knife:

Everyone can use a utility knife, buy a good one and give it as a stand-alone gift. Folding versions can be carried at all times and fit easily in your pocket. The cheap ones are great for gifts too as they can be used and toss out.


Router Bit Sets:

Router Bit Sets

If your woodworker own or just purchased a wood router for themselves, then router bit sets are a great gift to make that router an even better tool. You want a set that includes most of the basic router bits, but also some specialized bits too. These set are a great way to add more bit to their collection without a huge price.





Impact-Drill-Driver-SetDrill-Driver Bit Sets:

Drill and driver sets are a great value for any garage or workshop. These items need to be replace as they wear out over time or get lost. The more popular sizes are used everyday around the house or shop causing them to be the first ones to wear down. A full set of any drill-drivers bits is a perfect gift even and will make any wood hobbyist smile.



Screwdriving Sets:Screw Driving Drill Bit Set

Most Screwdriving Set includes the most commonly used screwdriver accessories for a power drill. You want to have one with a case that strong and durable. This helps to keep all the bits in one place and in good shape.Look for sets that included Phillips, square, slotted, and double-ended bits in a variety of sizes. These set make great gifts for any woodworker.



Push Block SetSafety Push Block:

Push blocks and sticks set are a safe and convenient way to run stock on your router table, table saw or any power tool that you want to keep your hands safely away from cutting edges. They are made with high friction rubber pads on their underside so that you get a sure grip. The notch-stick has a slender profile that is ideal for narrow pieces. Shaped to hold down as well as feed.


Router Template Guide Kits:Router Guide Set

Router template guides offer a wide variety of routing applications.They fit into the base of a router and direct it along the edge of a template. They can be used to accurately rout the edge of stock to a specific shape, to rout cavities and mortises, or even to accurately bore positioned holes. They’re especially useful when making several parts that all need to be the same size, or when working with a complex shape.These are a nice gift as they come in a variety of sizes and have an adapter to fit most routers, but make sure that you purchase one that can handle the base opening of the router they own.