Common Tools Used In Wood Working

Tools Used In Wood Working Types of Tools Used In Wood Working;

Woodworking is a laborious, but fun hobby; this is because the activities required in wood working to processing the wood is cutting, fitting, sanding and etc.Therefore it is important to have and use right tools which helps to reduce the required labor and make wood working much more enjoyable.

The types of tools used in wood working are simple, items such as hammers, saws, screwdrivers are small hand tools and operated manually. However, apart from wood working hand tools. There are also power tool that are available for building your projects.

The difference between large wood working machines and most power or hand tools is that the hand tools are simple, small, and basically inexpensive. Since most hand or power tools are small, they are usually portable and have to be operated by holding them in your hands. They are used for simple wood working task such as cutting, drilling, sanding and fitting different pieces of wood together to make any type of wood work piece. On the other hand, the professional wood working machines are large and are usually costly. They are designed for processing large pieces of wood or creating mass produced items.

Here is a List of Several Wood Working Tools Used These Days:Woodworking Saw

The most common type of tools used in wood working are saws. There are several different types of saws such as Japanese saws, dovetail saws, cross cut saws, Tenon saws, bow saws, circular and jig saws. These are used for cutting all types of wood. However, before cutting any piece of wood, it should to be marked with tools such as measuring tapes, gauges or rulers.

The hand tools such as measuring tapes, squares, rulers and etc are required for measuring and tools like marking gauges or knives awls, play a very crucial part in making marks before cutting. Marking the right measurements is a very crucial part of any woodworking project. This is where the real skill of wood crafting come into picture.

The third most common types of tools used in wood working are hammers. Hammers are required to drive nails into different pieces of wood hold the wood project together. Besides nails, screws also are commonly used for holding the different parts of the work piece. Before using screws,you first need to drill pilot holes in the wood. The power drill is the tools used for this purpose and it make it easier to finish a project with out a lot of stress on the user. Besides nails and screws ,you can use adhesives like wood glue which are applied along with the nails or screws to hold a piece together.

The next important categories of wood working tools are hand tools like chisels, scrappers and carving tools. They are required for a number of small activities involved in wood working.

Another tool that is handy for many wood worker is a wood router, this allows you to apply decorative details to your wood project or cut slots to glue pieces of wood together when making cabinets or doors.

Wood PlanThe finishing the pieces is also an important part of wood working.

There are several types of tools that can be used for finishing the piece. The first ones are  Wood planes. These are used for smoothing and re sizing the surface of the wood. They come in two types a hand one that is pictured or a power planner that speeds up the job for many professional wood workers on a job site or in a work shop. The next type of hand tools are sandpapers, steel wool or other abrasives that are designed to smooth the surface and remove any flaws before painting or staining the piece.

Since most work pieces are finished using paint, stains or polished with varnish. Many wood workers want a supply of rags, paint brushes, or a paint sprayer in their work place.

These are only some of the more common wood working tools that every wood worker should have in the garage or shop. All of the above-mentioned tools are fairly inexpensive and any home wood worker can purchase them for their own personal use.