About Us

Founder of Techy Saw

I am Malik Haseeb, and I have a deep passion for woodworking. I want to share my knowledge of woodworking tools with you. I have a lot of experience with different saws, so I started this blog. On this site, I’ll talk about woodworking tools, power tools, and everything you need to know about DIY projects around the house. You can even learn about saws here.

When most people think of a saw, they don’t think about cutting wood, concrete, or drywall. This happens because they don’t know much about saws. If you know about saws, you might be surprised to discover that they can even chop through nails, bolts, and screws. If you learn more about saws on our website, your knowledge and understanding will significantly improve.

Our Goal?

techysaw.com is one of the best blogs for professional or beginner carpenters and DIYers. We provide information about different types of saws on our website. We usually write about miter saws, table saws, and circular saws.

In addition, we recommend top products on the market that you can buy and use for your professional work. We always do thorough research to choose the best saw for you so that you can buy products from our recommendations without a doubt.

Our goal is to provide woodworkers and professional carpenters with the right information about all types of saws. Furthermore, we want only to recommend the most effective products so they can find the best saw for them.

Why Follow Us?

You will enjoy this blog if:

  • You are a just starting out and you want to improve your woodworking knowledge and skills
  • You want to feel comfortable building projects knowing that the information you find here is accurate
  • You want to learn about tools from actual customer experience and verified buyer feedback and not commercial sales pages or biased, sponsored reviews.