Wood Router Reviews

Welcome To Wood Crafter Tool talk,

This site will be about reviews on the different types of tool  for beginners wood workers like myself, safety tips and simple projects that any one can do that will help them with learning more about working with wood as a fun hobby along with me. I grew up with a father that loved creating thing out of wood and did all the repairs around our house. He also taught me a lot about tools and how to use them safely. My love of power tool started at a young age. I have also remodeled my own home, built several simple wood projects and help to build a deck in my backyard. In fact my favorite shows on television are about all types of home improvement projects. I consider myself a beginning wood crafter, but want to learn more about this hobby and the different tools on the market.

I want this site  to encourage any one wanting to get into hobby of building thing with wood about the type of projects that they can make and what type of tools they will need to make some of the project that I will be posting in the future, but I also want any one that is an intermediate or advance wood crafter to be able to use this site and read the reviews of the different types of tools on the market before purchasing a new tool.

On this site I will be researching and writing reviews on different wood working tools like wood router, table saws. drills and etc that any one would need to create that wood project they have in mind or to get that home improvement job done, but also to find the right brands on the market for any  level from beginner to advance. I will provide my readers information on quality, durability, power and what type of jobs this tool can handle from home repair to fine wood working  in several different prices ranges to fit any budget.

Since we all know that not everyone needs the most expensive tools on the market to make simple repairs around the home. A beginning handy person just need some basic information to purchase a good set of tools like drills, saws and hammers to make repairs on their home or yard.  Most of these task can be completed with the lower price tool, but they still want something that will get the job done when they are working. Many of these types of jobs don’t need the most expensive tool on the market as this type of person is only using them once in awhile and doesn’t need all the power that a professional would need for their job.

A beginning wood worker would be looking at something a little more durable and slightly higher in price to start building wood projects for their home or fun. They want something that will last for awhile and can handle not only repair projects around the house, but also handle weekly or daily use for building simple wood projects like bookshelves, simple cabinets for the home or backyard projects like birdhouse, planter and more.

The indeterminate and advance wood crafter would be looking to either replace or add to the tools in their garage/shop. They want something that will last, but also handle the amount of time that they use these tools. They want something that will let them add to their skill level and produce better quality wood pieces, like fine furniture, kitchen cabinets and fancy out door items.  On the other hand the professional contractor wants tools that can handle everyday use and still get the job done.

This site will review tools in different price ranges to help each level of woodworker or professional to find the right tool for their needs not just what some website tells them is the best selling tool at the time. Because we all know that one tool is not always right for everyone.