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How Many Amps Does a Miter Saw Use?

How Many Amps Does a Miter Saw Use
Written by Muhammad Haseeb

The miter saw is one of the most-used tools for cutting wood. When using a miter saw, the amount of power it needs is a big deal. Miter saws use electricity to run. Depending on how well it works, its electricity use can be different. So let’s look at how much power, volts, and amps a miter saw needs and what power factors we need to consider when choosing one.

Most of the time, the amount of power a miter saw uses depends on the type of saw and how well it works. A single-bevel miter saw uses 1200 W of electricity, a double-bevel miter saw uses 3300 W, and a cordless miter saw uses 180W.

Most miter saws are mostly corded and cordless.  The battery in a cordless miter saw limits how much it could be used. But miter saws with cords can use a wide range of power. More than that, there are pros and cons when it comes to how much power the miter saw uses. So, let’s look at how many amps does a miter saw use.

How Many Amps Does a Miter Saw Use?

How Many Amps Does a Miter Saw Use
How Many Amps Does a Miter Saw Use

Depending on the type of saw and motor power, miter saws use between 10 and 16 amps. Some miter saws only need a few amps and are usually cordless.

Homeowners should know that using a miter saw at home can use as much power as running 10 new refrigerators at the same time. When using a miter saw, the average household will use between 1 and 2 kWh of energy per hour.

That may not seem like a lot by itself, but when you consider that your family is probably already using other appliances (like lights and the TV) at the same time, this number becomes more important. If you use a miter saw for a long time, your electricity bill will go up.

How Many Amps are Required for a Small Workshop?

Even though a small workshop may have a lot of tools, the dust and dirt they make won’t be enough to cause an RV power outlet to overload. A single 15A circuit can handle up to 10 amps, so if your small or portable workshop only uses one tool at a time (and let’s face it, it won’t be running 10 at once), the circuit will be fine.

But if you have more than one machine that uses up to 3 amps, it’s best to have a second 15A circuit in your workshop so you can plug in two machines and still have room for other tasks without tripping any breakers or shocking yourself.

When you say things like that, I think you are trying to please the electric companies. You need a 20-amp circuit to run two 3-amp tools. This isn’t just so you can do other things.

The 15 amp circuit can’t handle the power needs of two small tools. Both can run at full amperage on the second circuit without tripping the breaker. It also stops a fire from starting if one of the tools is broken.

How Much Power Does a Miter Saw Use?

Miter saws are often used because they are good for making cross-grain cuts and cuts at an angle. If you have a lot of machines to run, you can plug them into the main power source. However, most people use them with their own circuits.

Make sure your circuit can handle at least 15 amps if you want to use a miter saw. If the saw is plugged into an outlet with less than 15 amps, it will use a lot of electricity. Make sure you have a 20 amp circuit in a small workshop so that both miter saws can work without tripping the breaker or hurting anything else in the workshop.

How Many Amps Does a Dewalt Miter Saw Use?

There are a lot of things that make it hard to answer this question. First, you have to find out how much voltage your miter saw has. It might be 115 volts like in the US or 230 volts like in Europe. You also need to choose the right blade for your model and whether or not it’s corded or cordless.

If you have a corded miter saw, you can figure out how much power it will use by multiplying the voltage by the amps per minute by 1.7. For example, 115 x 1.7 = 218 Watts. If the voltage is 230 and the blade needs to turn at about 4500 RPM, the most power it could use is about 325 Watts, which is not a lot (for example a 60W light bulb consumes about 325 watts).

Also, keep in mind that blades that are bigger usually use more power. For instance, a 10-inch blade needs three times as much power as an 8-inch blade. This is why you should always check your miter saw’s maximum amperage before plugging in a big blade.

It’s also hard to say how many amps a miter saw uses because it depends on how much current your tools need. It depends mostly on how much electricity your tools use over time.

If you use it, say, for an hour, you would multiply the amount of current by the amount of time it was used (for example 220 x 60 minutes). Last but not least, if you have more than one tool plugged into the same outlet and they are all using some power, that still makes your breaker work less.

To figure out how much power there is, you must first turn it into watts and then multiply the amps by the voltage. For example, 220 x 115 = 262 Watts.

Some real-world examples might help you figure out how many amps a miter saw needs. So, let’s use a Dewalt DWE7491RS model as an example. It is a 14-inch sliding compound miter saw with two bevels and a maximum power of 1000 watts.

To figure out power, multiply 3.4324 by 230 and then divide by 60. (the standard value for 1 hour). About 115 Watts would be the answer.

So, let’s say that one pass with that blade would use the same amount of power and you would use it for an hour every day. Then this will be about 115 Watts times 60 minutes, which is 7.05KWh per day.

Does a 15-Amp Saw Use 15-Amps?

No, that’s not right. Why is that?

We all know that power = voltage x amperes, so a 1500-watt appliance (with 1000 watts of power) connected to a 120-volt power source will use 10 amps. When hooked up to 220V, a 2500-watt appliance (which uses 2000 watts of power) uses 16.5 amps. So if just before

When the saw is plugged in, the meter shows 120V, but after the saw is plugged in, the voltage drops to 104V. This means that 16.5 amps flow through this appliance when it is plugged in.

In simple terms, a Miter Saw runs on 220 volts and uses 10 to 16 amps of electricity. That’s why you need a 240v circuit with at least 10 amps. If you use 120 volts to power the saw, it will use 4 amps of electricity and only need a 2-3 amp single pole breaker.

If someone reads this article very carefully, he or she might wonder why I didn’t talk about this big formula as “E = I x R” or “E = I2R.” The answer is that this formula is only useful when dealing with resistors, not inductors.

Miter Saw Coils and Their Current Usage Breakdown:

In a Miter Saw, each DC motor is powered by 4-5 coils, and each coil has its own pair of brushes. These coils are kept in permanent magnets’ magnetic fields.

Each pair of brushes has its own field coil and makes its own magnetic field. This means that the current induced in the coils of all the motors will add up to get the total current.

The picture above shows a low-power, low-speed saw with two to three coils on each motor and four motors. Because each motor gets the same amount of current, a lot of current is drawn.

When we use four motors in a setup like the one above, we use a total of 12 coils, which is 4 times 3, or 12 coils. The voltage drop will be close to the total supply voltage. So, the current needed by this setup is much less than the current needed by each motor or by the coil.

When we use more than one motor on a low-power (low-speed) miter saw, we get less voltage drop per coil and can therefore draw more current from the supply.

In high-power (high-speed) miter saws, each motor has 6-7 coils, and the current draw is kept high so that the voltage drop per coil doesn’t get too big.

With 6-7 coils, a high-power miter saw will draw nearly twice as much current as a low-power/speed saw, and maybe even more. In this case, you’ll need a bigger power supply circuit or at least a 20-amp breaker.

Bottom Line:

When running on 220v, a Miter Saw needs 16 amps. 10 to 13 amps when 120v is used. So make sure that your circuit breaker is at least 10 amps, which could be 15 amps or 20 amps.

I hope this answers your question, “How many amps does a miter saw use?” Visit my other articles to learn more about miter saws and other power saws. You can also tell me by sending this article to your friends and family.


Does a 15-Amp Saw Use 15-Amps?

Assuming you mean a circular saw, the answer is no, a 15-amp saw doesn’t have to use 15 amps. The amperage will depend on the size and power of the saw as well as what you will be using it for.

For instance, a small saw used for light cutting might only use 10 or 12 amps. But if you use a bigger saw for tough cutting, it could use up to 20 amps.

How many amps does the Dewalt table saw use?

The motor in the DeWalt table saw is 15 amps and can turn up to 5,800 times per minute. This makes it easy for the saw to cut through even tougher materials. The saw also has a large table surface and an adjustable fence system that makes it easy to make precise cuts.

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